Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Olsburg Racetrack

In the 1880's Olsburg has a horse race track located just northwest of town in what is current pasture west of Alan & Gloria Logber's home - just south of where the LK&W railroad left town. At one time, there was a sidewalk that went out the track from downtown Olsburg.

In the Olsburg News-letter on March 31, 1887, there was a story about a horse race of 80 rods ot be held April 9, 1987 with a purse of $10, divided into $5, $3 and $2. In 1888 they had a novelty race with a $40 purse. There horses started that race: Fes McDonald's gray mare, George W. Shei's CanDance and Barnett's Bob. CanDance won the close contests on the homestretch. There is little left to even tell that the track ever excited. When one of knows what to look for, there is a faint outline, reminiscent of the evidence that Olsburg had a railroad... once upon a time...

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  1. Nice job on the blog! Keep up the good work educating the world about Olsburg and our state.